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Rapid prototyping module for TIís Davinci chip


Specializing in Texas Instruments TMS320DM642, TMS320C643x and TMS320C644x


New Product

 Eointec Solutions Ltd introduces IgnitionProTM, a fast prototyping module containing a Texas Instruments TMS320DM6446 dual core microprocessor-DSP processor designed for video and audio applications. The module sits on a motherboard that holds the peripheral connectors and power supply, it is intended that the motherboard would change depending on application.

The module contains a TMS320DM6446 ARM9/C64x dual processor, with the Arm running at 297Mhz and the DSP side at 600Mhz. There is also 32M x 32 bit DDR2 memory, 256Mbit Nand flash, MSP430 microcontroller, 256K eeprom and an Altera EPM240GT100 CPLD. The module is 236mm x 105mm in size.

The motherboard contains the power supply circuitry that is required to power up the module along with a serial port,USB, Ethernet port, video in/out (composite and component), audio in/out, infra-red, compact flash connector and a Hard disk.

The unit ships with full schematics of the motherboard, Linux 2.6.10 kernel running from flash, evaluation xDM audio and video codecs in a DSP server and a DVR example application with source code.

The module also contains an expansion connector for future interface support such as digital video.

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Product Applications

  • Video security
  • Video Phone
  • Video on demand
  • Video and audio streaming
  • Voice Video over IP (VVoiP)
  • Audio processing
  • PDAs
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