Rackspace Sla Agreement

April 11, 2021 james

Each Rackspace Technology product is supported by a leading service level agreement (SLA). You can read this agreement on www.rackspace.com/information/legal/cloud/sla. Follow the following procedure if you have a problem for which you want to get an ALS credit. A technical account management team available to make sure you succeed in your journey through the cloud or hybrid When needed, access to Windows or Linux administrators who can connect to your servers to get online command support for operating system-level tasks. For more information on the information supported, check out the support spheres. We will take care of you. These include the installation, configuration and management of current databases. See support spheres. The monitoring solution for Enterprise Grade provides system usage and integrity alerts with notifications sent by text or email after alarms are set up. The default monitoring controls during construction (if the construction screen is enabled) are bandwidth monitoring, file system, file system writing state, occupancy average, RAM and ping control. We help you set up custom alerts that prioritize you and we`ll respond to these 24x7x365s. We provide you with the tools you need to self-configure, monitor and execute your backups. We can set up backups for you if necessary to run a calendar that works best for you.

We have experts who guide you through the Rackspace Technology portfolio and help you in your IT transformation efforts Service level rates (from 500 euros 307 Up to 625 €424) Receive an SLA credit of up to 100% of your monthly hosting costs according to our service contract. Get 24x7x365 network administrators to manage the connection between your Bare Metal and Cloud Gear This team includes an Account Manager, Solution Engineer, Imlementation Coordinator, Business Development Consultant, Billing Specialist and, depending on the level of service, a corporate support engineer. If you have any questions, contact the Rackspace Technology Support team at 1-800-961-4454 (free). It`s hard to create and manage websites and applications in the 24x7x365 cloud. And cloud talent can be expensive and hard to find. Instead, download your cloud management to Rackspace technology. Our teams of experts take care of your cloud for much less than the cost of hiring that talent in your own home. A detailed TCO analysis of local DIY IT management compared to Rackspace Hosting Services Management for a mid-sized financial services company. Allow three to five business days until Rackspace Technology receives and verifies your credit application and updates your support ticket.

In The First 60 Days, enjoy an ongoing individual engagement with a Technical Onboarding Manager – to help you use our products and technologies strategically and efficiently. Creating a new account is free. Minimum fees don`t start until you start spidering cloud servers. It is strongly recommended to activate 2-factor authentication warnings and billing thresholds. To get credit, the ALS incident must meet the following criteria: No matter what level of service you choose, you always have 24x7x365 access to a dedicated account team – a team that meets your needs and creates the most appropriate solution in the cloud of your choice. From architecture, migration, backup and operation of your cloud to continuous optimization, your team is there to achieve tangible business results. Enjoy all the functions of the managerial infrastructure as well as the tasks of the system administrator, routine maintenance and troubleshooting of your OpenStack cloud. Since different companies have different support requirements, we offer managed – managed and intensive hosting solutions® two levels of service to choose from.

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