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Why do companies choose Eointec Solutions for their Embedded Software Development? 

  • We have over 20 years of experience working with large and small companies, so we understand how to listen to our customers' needs and we are able to identify potential issues.
  • We are constantly looking at the latest technologies to identify how we can bring greater savings to our clients and speed up development time.
  • We are a small group of engineers that give personal engineering service to our clients, we adopt an Agile Software process approach which means that our clients know exactly what task of the project is being worked on a daily basis. This means that issues are identified quickly and resolved with the partnership of our clients.
  • Our customers require innovative solutions and we design bespoke software that enables this, however, we do not reinvent the wheel. We harness the work that has already been done by the open source community by using repositories like Yocto and OpenEmbedded. This ensures that we deliver stable and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.
  • Our engineering team are multidisciplinary in both hardware and software design which allows us to offer a single point of contact that will have knowledge of all aspects of the project.
  1. Embedded Firmware Development
  • Linux Kernel Driver Development
  • Linux Application Development using OpenEmbedded (OE) or Yocto
  • Hardware peripheral test application software and embedded firmware design
  • Microcontroller firmware development C/C++ using a wide range of Development environments.
  • SQL database development
  • Internal Web server development for control.
  • Qt (Embedded) user interface development for LCD Touch Screens.
  1. IoT - Mobile Application Development (App Development) – Android and IOS
  • IoT mobile applications for connecting to your electronic embedded products.
  • Beautiful, Responsive and secure designs that are developed with our clients.
  • App Testing.
  • App Deployment – Playstore or Apple store.
  • App Support.
  • Cloud Architecture Design and Development for creating your IoT network – AWS or Azure
  1. Full Stack Development - Frontend and Backend Development 
  • Frontend experience in HTML, Javascript, Websockets, Vue.js and ReactJS
  • Backend experience using Node.js, MySQL , Socket.io
  • Deployment Technologies like Docker
  • Sofware control through git repository
Embedded Software Design Services
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Embedded Software Design Services
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Eointec Solutions,
Innovation Centre,IT Sligo,Co Sligo- Telephone No.+353 860642235
Developing electronic products since 2003, designing embedded hardware and software electronics services using a wide range of processors. Expertise in Embedded Linux, QT(embedded) and network technologies.